Amsterdam Scientific Instruments


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Amsterdam Scientific Instruments develops and produces high-end detectors for electron microscopy, X-ray & Neutron imaging and mass spectrometry. We deliver the hybrid pixel technology for materials and life-sciences applications to facilitate making the invisible the visible. 




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Bruker Nano Analytics presents a unique range of analytical tools for materials characterization in electron microscopes.


Direct Electron


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Direct Electron designs, manufactures, and delivers next-generation direct detection cameras for electron microscopy. Our vision—Innovation Propelling Discovery—is focused on empowering our customers to efficiently and continually expand the frontiers of science.


FocalPlane - The Company of Biologists


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FocalPlane is a new microscopy community, launching June 2020, for anyone with an interest in microscopy. The site will provide a trusted, curated and centralised place to connect people, resources and information within the microscopy community.

FocalPlane will host news, interviews, opinions, tools, job listings and events to help promote interactions and foster connections.




Email: UK-Gatan-UKinfo@ametek.com 

There is always more to see. And when you’re working with electron microscopy, the closer you can get to your sample, the more of its secrets it will reveal.

That’s why at Gatan we have spent the last 50 years working with our customers to push the boundaries of what can be done with electron microscopy. Together, we have invented new approaches to problems that deliver fresh understanding.

With state of the art cameras, imaging energy filters, specimen preparation equipment and other EM products and solutions, we take the most powerful microscopy on earth and make it work even harder for you.
Gatan. Let’s get closer.




Email: eminfo@hht-eu.com

At Hitachi we want to help you develop your microscopy. That could mean learning how to make the very highest-quality TEM lamella with our TripleBeam technique. It could mean automating your microscopy to produce and handle huge datasets. Or it could mean integrating complete in-situ TEM solutions workflows to make the most complex experiments meaningful and repeatable. It could simply mean working closely with our application specialist to optimise your existing instruments and workflow. Whatever your challenges, be sure to see if Hitachi can help you.




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For more than 70 years, the JEOL Group has been a leading company in state-of-the-art scientific instruments in the fields of nanotechnology, semiconductors, biotechnology, life sciences, forensics, optical communication and green technology. Based on a philosophy of "Creativity and Research & Development"‚Äč since being founded in 1949, JEOL has been offering a range of solutions designed from a user's perspective.


Oxford Instruments


Email: Nanoapps@oxinst.com

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis provides leading-edge tools that enable materials characterisation and sample manipulation at the nanometre scale.
Used on electron microscopes (SEM and TEM) and ion-beam systems (FIB), our tools are used for R&D across a wide range of academic and industrial applications including semiconductors, renewable energy, mining, metallurgy, and forensics.


Surface Concept


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Surface Concept produces devices for imaging and particle detection with picosecond time resolution and associated fast electronics.


Quantum Detectors


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Cutting edge detector technology for world leading laboratories.




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X-Spectrum provides high-resolution and high-speed electron and X-ray cameras for science and industry. As a DESY spinoff, we understand the demands of basic and applied research and put your needs first.

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