Invited Speakers

  • Lorentz microscopy using pixelated electron detectors
    Prof. Stephen McVitie (University of Glasgow, UK)

  • Developments in 4D STEM for momentum resolution and differential phase contrast imaging
    Dr. Knut Muller Caspary (Jullich, Germany) 

  • Imaging light elements in beam sensitive materials using electron ptychography
    Prof. Peter Nellist (University of Oxford, UK) 

  • New phase contrast and diffractive imaging methods enabled by 4D-STEM
    Prof. Colin Ophus (Berkeley, USA)

  • Direct electron detection in electron energy loss spectroscopy
    Prof. Mitra Taheri (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

  • Ptychography - an old name for a modern revolution in imaging
    Prof. John Rodenburg (University of Sheffield, UK) 

  • Direct electron detectors for diffraction studies in the scanning electron microscope
    Dr. Carol Trager-Cowan (University of Strathlyde, UK) 

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

7 June 2020

Registration deadline:

5 July 2020